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FAURÉ - LEPAGE gunsmithing manufactory (since 1717; Fauré-Lepage company active 1865-1913), Pair of cap pistols, in a case with accessories for gun dressing

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Estimations: 13 821 - 18 428 EUR
steel, walnut wood; barrel length with bascule claw 26.2 cm, with mustache 31.5 cm, outer barrel diameter 2 cm, caliber 12.4 mm; overall length 39.5//40 cm. Case - mahogany wood, brass, plush; height 8 cm, width 47.3 cm, depth 27 cm. Accessories - steel, brass, rosewood, mahogany, oak.
France, Paris, 8 Rue de Richelieu, after 1865.
A pair of duel pistols, bearing Arabic numerals on the barrel whiskers: "1" i "2". Steel barrels, 8-gauge, oxidized, threaded, with bascule; signatures written in Swabian on the backs: "Fauré Le Page á Paris". From the underside of the bottom part stamped: "12.4" and bound monogram "EC" (?). At the end of the barrels - muskets; the pinnies separate the barrels from their whiskers. Walnut beds, short, carved under the barrels in an acanthus motif. The flasks in the grip part are cannelled, expanding towards the steel-wrought heads, with acanthus-palmetto engraving and a laurel helm. In the interior of the bed under the barrels - handwritten marks in ink(?): an anchor, which is also the tied monogram of the gunsmith's owners (?), and the number "3" (or the letter "E"). Cap-shaped locks, with taps decorated with acanthus engraving, as are the lock plates. Trigger guards of steel, decorated with floral engravings, with smooth whiskers reaching the head and cut in the shape of an arrow pointing to the barrel exit. The pistols are housed in a mahogany case locked with a steel mortise lock. On the lid banded along the edge with brass veins - in the middle a blind brass cartouche. Hinges - two brass slats. Inside the box lined with dark purple plush; on the underside of the lid embossed, gilded inscription: "FAURÉ - LEPAGE / 8 RUE DE RICHELIEU / A PARIS". In appropriately shaped sockets placed - in addition to the pistols: 1/ a hammer with a rosewood handle; 2/ steel tongs for casting bullets; 3/ a pair of beaters; 4/ a fireplace key, with a rosewood handle; 5/ a brass spoon - a powder measure; 6/ two cylindrical boxes, turned from rosewood - for pistons and bullets. In the upper left corner of the puzdra - a triangular storage compartment for stretchers, with a lifting lid.
"Men's Thing" Auction
21 February 2024 CET/Warsaw
Start price
11 978 EUR
13 821 - 18 428 EUR
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"Men's Thing" Auction
21 February 2024 CET/Warsaw
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